We are a manufacturing and trading company, operating in the field of building materials. At SADO BREVET’s SRL Research and Technology Department, we study every new material and technology, while developing and improving the quality of our products.

The rights of ZEUS Locking Systems inventions patents are managed and sold by SADO BREVET SRL, a company established in Bucharest, Romania. Owner and Legal Representative is Mr. Dimitris Karagiannis.

Discerning the growing need for anti-burglar protection of residential and business premises, ZEUS products earned – by outstanding Institutions ranking top worldwide – the highest security standards ever achieved in the global market for architectural aluminium frame products for windows, doors and shutters.

ZEUS Locking Systems have officially earned THE HIGHEST CERTIFICATIONS IN THE INDUSTRY (see "Certifications" section) for:
  • Opening safety – CATEGORY  "RC3", having passed to RC4 with static load of 1.000 kilos
  • Sliding safety – CATEGORY  "RC2"
  • Opening system is characterized with INDICATION  "A"  of technological background
  • Sliding system is characterized with INDICATION "Y"

SADO BREVET SRL Zeus Locking Systems are brilliant inventions, offering maximum security and greater value-added than any other system in the market today. With unprecedented robustness, Zeus Locking Systems are officially certified, having acquired the paramount classification ever achieved by similar aluminum frame systems from:
  • Giordano Institute
  • IFT Rosenheim
  • World Intellectual Property Organisation
  • European Patent Office
  • Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation
  • Qualicoat
SADO BREVET SRL has been awarded the diplomas for the opening system so far (see "Certifications" section), from:
  • Europe
  • China
  • Eurasia
  • Canada
  • Ukraine
  • South Korea
  • Iraq
  • Palestine - West Bank
  • Palestine - Gaza

SADO BREVET SRL has been awarded the diplomas for the sliding system so far (see "Certifications" section), from:
  • Europe
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Ukraine
  • Egypt
  • Iraq
  • Palestine - West Bank
  • Palestine - Gaza

Offering THE ONLY TOTAL SECURITY BURGLARPROOF as well as energy efficient, weatherproof, thermal and sound insulation proof solution (see "Certifications" section) for every home or business, Zeus Locking Systems come in two different formats of windows / doors / shutters, the opening technology and the sliding technology.

SADO BREVET's SLR unique and internationally patented technology merges the window with the case, creating a solid firm surface. Unique security technology locks fully perimetrically the frame, making it impossible to penetrate, dismantle and invulnerable to unauthorized break-in.

SADO BREVET SLR technology is developed without compromising the client's high expenditure, allowing all other features of conventional windows, doors and shutters to be applicable, such as open-tilt or lift-and-slide mechanisms. Designed and manufactured under the highest standards and quality, it is a high-end and cost-effective solution that offers remarkable safety to any aluminium frame.

ZEUS Locking Systems are weatherproof solution in thermal conductivy, energy saving efficiency, sound insulation and environmental merits of aluminum systems materials:
  • Double walled thermal break sash for maximum sound and heat insulation effect.
  • Thermal break profiles. 
  • Natural air inflow ventilation from / throughout section.
  • Thermal, energy, sound proof safety glasses (bulletproof optional). Gap filled with argon gas. Special coating of metal oxides. 75% reduction of ulta violet UV radiation that wears out carpets, curtains, furniture, artwork.
  • Glass with extremely high impact resistance. In case of breakage glass does not collapse eliminating the risk of injury.

As a result, for these two inventions of the new burglar-proof technology that compose Zeus Locking System, SADO BREVET SRL has officially filled and patents have been granted internationally in Europe (11 countries), Eurasia (4 countries), Middle East (14 countries), Ukraine, the U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, India, South Korea, China.