Zeus Locking Systems

Next Generation Burglar Proof Technology

Who are we?

SADO BREVET SLR is an international construction and commercial company active in the field of ZEUS new security aluminum systems for windows, doors and shutters.


SADO BREVET SRL manages patents. Investors, worldwide who buy ZEUS Locking Systems patents – due to the fact that ZEUS products are innovative – they are led to build an extrusion factory unless they have one, because their profit gain will be larger. This way, SADO BREVET SRL acquires the advantage to manufacture ZEUS Locking Systems at their factories, since our company hands over its matrix designs of aluminum profiles upon the signing of the contract. Thus, SADO BREVET SRL is capable to supply quality products in large quantities and within reasonable delivery time.


SADO BREVET SRL, distinguishing the ever-increasing need for burglary protection, has the new worldwide patents of ZEUS technology, which is the complete SAFETY IN THE INDUSTRY of sliding and opening aluminum frames against burglaries and theft of homes and business premises.


SADO BREVET's SLR unique inventions and internationally patented technology MERGES THE WINDOW WITH THE CASE, creating a solid firm surface. SECURITY TECHNOLOGY LOCKS FULLY PERIMETRICALLY THE FRAME, making it impossible to penetrate, dismantle and invulnerable to unauthorized break-in.


When locking,

  • The opening window / door / shutter, security bars enter the whole height and width of the frame, and not only in several points
  • The sliding window / door / shutter, security bar comes out of the sliding frame and entraps the stable frame throughout the height, and not only in several points

Video Presentations of official worldwide certificates

BURGLAR resistance tests, AIR resistance tests, WATER resistance tests, WIND resistance tests